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Family Development Calendar: February 2019                                      Family Development Calendar: March 2019

Family Development: Home Visiting
                                                    Enough Abuse!

Pro Action Family Enrichment Referral Form                                        Pro Action Family Resource Centers: Parent-Child Visitation Form

What is ASQ:SE-2 ?                                                                                       FREE Ages and Stages Developmental Screening: All FRC's           

Strengthening Families: Social-Emotional Competence of Children            

Steuben Safety Seat Program: 2019 Schedule                                            Parenting Education Offerings


Calendar: February 2019                                                                  February Program Descriptions

Baby Doll Circle Time: February 21st and 28th                                  Pathways to School Readiness: February 25th

Parenting With Heart: Tuesdays in February

Calendar: March 2019                                                                     March Program Descriptions

Baby Doll Circle Time: March 7th and 21st                                        FLIP IT: Starts March 21st

Pathways to School Readiness: March 25th                                       Parent-Child Mother Goose: Starts March 26th

  Jennie Mose
Family Resource Center- Addison


Calendar: February 2019                                                                    February Program Descriptions

Baby Doll Circle Time: Tuesdays                                                         Pathways to School Readiness: February 15th                            

Calendar: March 2019                                                                        March Program Descriptions

FLIP IT: Starts March 5th                                                                   Pathways to School Readiness: March 15th

Parent Connections: March 16th                                                         Parent-Child Mother Goose: Starts March 22nd

Baby Doll Circle Time: Tuesdays

     NEW LOCATION: Hornell Intermediate School: 71 Buffalo St. Hornell, NY 14843                       

Calendar: February 2019                                                                   February Events & Activities

Digital Bytes: January 16th - February 27                                           Ages and Stages Questionnaire

Potluck Dinner Game Night: February 4th                                           Parents Share: Chinese New Year: February 6th

Maple City Music Therapy: February 14th                                            Pathways to School Readiness: February 27th

Playgroups: Tuesdays

Calendar: March 2019                                                                       March Events & Activities

Community Cafe: March 4th                                                               Maple City Music Therapy: March 14th

FLIP IT Overview: March 19th                                                            Pathways to School Readiness: March 20th

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Celebration: March 25th                         Digital Bytes: Mondays

Playgroups: Tuesdays                                                                        Parents Share - YOGA: Wednesdays

Parenting With Heart: Starting April 3rd




nurturing relationships | knowledge & skills | emotional strengthsocial connectionscommunity supports
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